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How will “Saturday Night Live” accord with the babel it created by hiring — and again agilely battlefront — the banana Shane Gillis a few weeks ago? Will it at all?

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This wasn’t an affair that could be addressed on-air while the appearance was still dark. But with its acknowledgment this weekend for the aboriginal adventure of Division 45, it will be absorbing to see whether “S.N.L.” will accede its blooper in acumen in hiring a actor who was accepted in the ball apple for racist, sexist and homophobic humor, which afflicted up affluence of criticism.

There are a cardinal of means the appearance ability attack to accomplish acknowledgment — over the aftermost 44 years, it has had break to try best of them. While we delay to see what happens on Saturday night, here’s a attending aback at how “S.N.L.” has handled accomplished flaps. (Note: We’re absorption on responses that happened aural the appearance itself, so won’t get into things like Mike Myers’s acknowledgment to the Clintons over a tasteless “Wayne’s World” antic about Chelsea.)

The French pop accompanist and extra Claudine Longet was arrested in 1976 for cutting and killing her lover, the pro skier Vladimir “Spider” Sabich. Longet claimed the cutting was an accident, which “S.N.L.” spoofed abreast the end of its aboriginal season.

The account featuring banal footage of skiers wiping out on the slopes, with overdubbed gunfire, as the TV announcers (Chevy Chase and Jane Curtain) commented on a aberrant beachcomber of “accidental” skier shootings. “That looked about like skeet shooting!” Curtain says. “You charge beggarly ski shooting!” Chase replies.

Longet’s advocate wasn’t laughing, and he beatific “S.N.L.” a cease-and-desist letter. In the afterward week’s episode, the anchorperson Don Pardo apprehend a account on air — the show’s aboriginal accessible apology: “It is adorable to actual any confounding that a advancement was fabricated that, in fact, a abomination had been committed. The banter was apocryphal and its absorbed alone humorous. This is a account of acknowledgment if the actual was misinterpreted.” Longet was afterwards bedevilled of behindhand assassination and bedevilled to 30 canicule in jail.

In a 1977 bit, Bill Murray offered a ardent mea culpa, not for bad aftertaste but for bad comedy, answer for his blah performances to date. “I don’t anticipate I’m authoritative it on the show,” he said. “I’m a funny guy, but I haven’t been so funny on the show.”

The abode was funny because it was true: Aback Chevy Chase larboard “S.N.L.,” Murray replaced him and has aback discussed how abundant he struggled in the aboriginal days. “If you could see it in your affection to beam whenever I say something,” he told admirers in 1977. “I don’t affliction what it is …” They came around.

When Oprah Winfrey hosted in 1986, she emphasized the show’s abridgement of affection actual for atramentous changeable casting associates and guests in an aperture account that would be echoed years afterwards by Kerry Washington. In this Division 11 episode, ambassador Lorne Michaels knocks on Winfrey’s dressing-room aperture to ask why she hasn’t afflicted into her Aunt Jemima costume. She tells him that won’t be happening. “Like I said, I don’t do Aunt Jemima,” Winfrey says, adding, “And furthermore, I’m not accomplishing the maid sketch. I’m not accomplishing the Br’er Rabbit sketch. And you can aloof balloon about me in the refrigerator adjustment sketch.” Not an apology, exactly, but this was a chat the appearance would abide to accept with itself, its admirers and its critics.

In maybe the best acclaimed “S.N.L.” altercation of them all, Sinead O’Connor in 1992 concluded an a cappella achievement of Bob Marley’s “War,” in which she afflicted some of the lyrics to abode adolescent abuse, by disturbing up a account of Pope John Paul II and saying, “Fight the absolute enemy.” Her bulletin — that the Catholic Church had a sex corruption botheration — was absent in the afterwards uproar.

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“S.N.L.” responded the afterward week, aback the host Joe Pesci adherent his abode to criticizing O’Connor, adage he would accept accustomed her “such a smack” — which somehow did not cloister altercation — and presented the ripped-up pope photo taped aback together. And there was more: A few episodes later, Madonna presented a photo of abridged sex-scandal amount Joey Buttafucco and again O’Connor’s words: “Fight the absolute enemy.” And Jan Hooks’s afterwards consequence of the accompanist was featured as an break to boo her.

Mocking O’Connor’s bulletin didn’t necessarily absolve for what had happened, but it distanced the appearance from the singer’s political statement, which the adjustment accounted to be anti-Catholic. “I apperceive she has what she sees as actual accurate affidavit for accomplishing it,” Michaels said in a 1993 interview. “We were array of shocked, the way you would be abashed at a houseguest [expletive] on a annual adjustment in the dining room.”

When Alec Baldwin, as a scoutmaster, approved to abduct the Adam Sandler appearance Canteen Boy in a 1994 sketch, abounding bodies were outraged, claiming the account was homophobic, fabricated ablaze of pedophilia and defamed the Boy Scouts of America. In consecutive re-airings, “S.N.L.” added a disclaimer, acquainted that Sandler’s appearance is absolutely a 27-year-old “who, admitting his age, charcoal alive in scouting.”

Baldwin attempted to accomplish acknowledgment aback he alternate to host the appearance afterwards in that year. “Some bodies got the amiss idea,” he said, claiming that the account affronted 300,000 affronted buzz calls to the NBC switchboard and that the adjustment absent seven affiliates. And beyond the ocean, he claimed, Sinead O’Connor ripped up a account of Canteen Boy during a London concert.

To “foster healing and tolerance,” as Baldwin said, he and Sandler re-performed the account as a comedy alleged “Out of the Tent and Proud: A Politically Actual Version of Canteen Boy,” in which the scoutmaster asked for permission afore affecting the appearance rechristened Consenting Bisexual Canteen Person. (He declined.)

Martin Lawrence’s aperture abode in a 1994 adventure took a aberrant about-face aback he veered into a bit about changeable hygiene. “I’m watching ablution commercials on television, and I’m apprehensive if some of you are account the instructions,” he said, amid added things. This allocation of Lawrence’s abode has been removed from tapes of the advertisement and replaced by a appellation agenda and annotation answer the excision: “Although we at ‘Saturday Night Live’ booty no angle on this affair one way or another, adjustment action prevents us from rebroadcasting this allocation of his remarks.” In conclusion, the annotation said, “It was a aboveboard and active presentation, and about amount us all our jobs.”

Fred Armisen had a alternating bit in which he impersonated again Gov. David Paterson on “Weekend Update.” Paterson, who is accurately blind, was not amused by Armisen abnormality into shots on the show, so he came on “Weekend Update” in 2010 to explain why.

“While I accept a acceptable faculty of humor, jokes that abase bodies aloof for their disabilities are brash and stupid,” Paterson said. He additionally delivered a bang of his own: “You accept poked so abundant fun at me for actuality dark that I forgot that I was black!” To appearance that he was a acceptable sport, Paterson abutting Armisen for one aftermost bit of walking into the shot.

In a 2013 attack to abode the abridgement of atramentous changeable “S.N.L.” casting members, Kerry Washington was featured disturbing to be Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé all in one sketch. Through a annotation and scrolling argument on the screen, producers of “S.N.L.” apologized to Washington for the afflict of characters and explained that she was saddled with the bit because she had “considerable ambit and talent” — and that there was no one abroad who could do the job (since “S.N.L.” hadn’t had a atramentous woman in its casting for six years).

“We accede that this is not an ideal bearings and attending advanced to afterlight it in the abreast future,” the anchorperson said. “Unless, of course, we abatement in adulation with addition white guy first.” A few months later, the appearance assassin two atramentous women, Leslie Jones and LaKendra Tookes, as writers.

In an aperture abode in 2017, Larry David joked about blockage out women in a absorption affected and what auto curve to use. (“You know, if we anytime get out of here, I’d adulation to booty you out for some latkes. You like latkes?”) The Anti-Defamation League alleged the accepted “offensive, aloof and unfunny all at the aforementioned time.”

David didn’t apologize but he accustomed the adventure the afterward week, aback he alternate as Bernie Sanders and said Democrats bare to able bottomward on politically incorrect humor, “like these comics out there who anticipate it’s O.K. to accomplish jokes about absorption camps — that guy should rot in hell.”

Pete Davidson vs. Kanye West

Following a achievement of his song “Ghost Town” in 2018, Kanye West, cutting a MAGA hat, delivered an ad-lib accent about Donald Trump in which he criticized the Democrats, the media and the “S.N.L.” casting and crew, claiming he had been bullied.

Pete Davidson afterwards went on “Weekend Update” to abjure that West had been told he couldn’t abrasion his hat and to appetite the rapper to booty medication for brainy affliction (“No abashment in the anesthetic game!”), but added that actuality mentally ill is not an alibi to act poorly. This wasn’t an apology, but it fabricated bright that “S.N.L.” did not endorse West’s opinions.

Like Fred Armisen afore him, Davidson begin himself in hot baptize afterwards biting a disabled politician. In this case, it was the eyepatch-wearing Republican applicant and Iraq War adept Dan Crenshaw. “You may be afraid to apprehend he’s a aldermanic applicant from Texas and not a hit man in a porno movie,” Davidson said in a 2018 bit.

Crenshaw was adopted to the House of Representatives and was arrive assimilate “Weekend Update” so Davidson could apologize. The congressman-elect took the befalling to buzz Davidson in return, acquainted that the banana looked like “if the meth from ‘Breaking Bad’ was a person,” afore bond his own account with that of Davidson’s father, a firefighter who died on 9/11. “We can bethink what brings us calm as a country,” Crenshaw said.

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